Friday, June 20, 2008

Galena Creek Park

Galena Creek Park Brochure
Galena Creek Park Brochure
We had the chance to take a stroll in Galena Creek Park (location) today just outside of Reno. We are in Reno for a few days. The park is a welcome relief to get up higher, take in some cooler breezes and enjoy a little exercise. Reno, being the second city we saw after coming back from Italy is a mind scramble for me. I can’t distinguish between a Bed Bath and Beyond, a post office, a school, or a disco. Everything looks the same, a look I’ll call desert-mall. There is nothing to orient you (outside the main downtown) where to go to find a bakery or a grocery store. Malls are located far away from where people live and you have to practically drive around the mall parking lot to get between stores (I’m thinking of this mall specifically.)

Back to the park. Galena is a natural mineral form of lead sulfide. (I was thinking it was a chicken as in gallina in Italian – back to the mall for me.) It was a material that was annoying to the mining operations and there was once a town called Galena that has since been abandoned. We spent about 2 hours wandering the Jones Creek Trail. The trails were well maintained from what we could see and there were picnic areas and restrooms. We definitely would like to go back and make it up to Mt. Rose.

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