Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Visas Arrive

Visa for stay in Italy

We checked the tracking number this morning and could see the "package" was on its way to us. At 11:30 am it arrived and both Visas were inside. Hallelujah. To our surprise the Visas were issued for the full duration we requested, one year, with multiple entries. It was a relief getting this completed. Thanks to all who helped us out including colleagues and friends who helped with the paperwork.

2021-07-26 Update: At the time we originally wrote this, we applied for a visa for what we called Sabbatical I. Eventually we applied for Italian citizenship and subsequent longer visits in Italy didn't require a visa. See Path to Italian Dual Citizenship. For more info about our two sabbaticals, see Sabbatical Lessons: Thoughts and Stories from our Italian Sabbaticals.

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