Monday, August 6, 2007

Applying for the Visa

It's been weeks of preparation: lots of reading, discussion, speculation, and frustation. Now we are ready to journey down to the Italian Consulate tomorrow in San Francisco and apply for the Visa. Today we gathered the paper work up (lots of printing going on) and decided on the best way to present the information. We decided on a flip book like organizer (wilson jones view tab document organizer) with pockets for each of the 8 sections we've organized the Visa information into:
  • cover letter, application form, passport photos, and check
  • passport w/ copies
  • financial statements
  • health and insurance information
  • accomodations information
  • flight information (going and returning)
  • fbi code of conduct
  • supporting documents, sort of appendix of odds and end

We took organizational inspiration from the olive notes blog on what to do even though we are going for a national visa.

We fly in mid morning and the office opens at 1:00pm. We may try to go for the Codice Fiscale form if we can get the info together in time.

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