Sunday, March 3, 2024

Ironman doing the dishes – Learning English with AI Image generation

35 images created with prompts in Microsoft Image Designer

We were babysitting our friend’s 4 year old (4.5 to be exact). He’s Italian and is learning English. Currently, he has good basic command of English. So, we decided to work with words and concepts in Microsoft Designer – Image Creator.

Our little ward is in his “Ironman” phase so various prompts involve Ironman. We encouraged him to find interesting pairings of words, like what’s something Ironman is never pictured doing. One answer: the dishes.

Of the two images Designer created, he typically liked one of the two images better and we saved that.

Sometimes both were visually interesting, so we saved both. It was interesting asking why he liked one image over the other – in English. Certain things in the image would stick out to him and be the criteria for selection. They were usually aspects of the image that our adult brains weren’t considering. (And yes, don't look too closely at the faces or placement eyes on these images. They are weird.)

The prompts:

a cat astronaut that is chasing space mice
a cat astronaut that is flying in space
a chair like a rainbow
a computer hat
a computer on the head of a person
a cookie tree
a house on a plant
a house rainbow
a house with arms and legs and a head that is walking down the street
a house with legs, arms that is walking down the street
a person walking the roof where the roof has tiles
a person with rainbow colored skin
a rainbow squirrel
a skyscraper made of plants
a tree growing in a house
a tree growing through a house
a tree on the roof of a house
a zebra on a house
an astronaut flying inside a house who is being chased by a cat
an astronaut flying inside a house being chased by a cat
baby ironman in diapers in a crib
cookie snow
ironman disco dancing in the sky
Ironman doing the dishes
Ironman made of candy
Ironman made of plants
Ironman rainbow
Ironman skiing on a house
Ironman with the flag of Italy and a cow
Ironman with the flag of Italy

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