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Album Covers with Astronauts on Them – Part II

A composite image of 25 musical album covers featuring astronauts.
A composite image of 25 musical album covers featuring astronauts.

Astronauts represent the spirit of human exploration and curiosity about the universe. They venture into the unknown, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and capabilities. In this latter sense, astronaut imagery works when musical artists exploring new forms of music want to convey that on their album cover.

Astronaut-themed album covers can be “goofy”, like showing an astronaut comingling with aliens (“Space Escapade”) or Bach floating in space (“Switched on Bach”). A handful of covers use archival footage. If the astronaut on the album cover is on the moon, it is likely a flag is usually being planted. If the astronaut is floating in space, it is likely there is a view of the earth in the background.

This part 2 of astronaut-themed album covers. Part 1 is here.

1958 Les Baxter - "Space Escapade"
1972 Beggars Opera - "Pathfinder"
1974 Wendy Carlos - "Switched on Bach"
1976 Passport - "2 Original of Passport"
1977 Meco - "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk"

1979 Camel - "I Can See Your House From Here"
1979 V-People - "Galactic Classics"
1983 Q-Feel - "Dancing in Heaven"
1993 Hypnolovewheel - "Altered States"
1994 Soul Coughing - "Ruby Vroom"

1995 The Moog Cookbook - "The Moog Cookbook"
2003 Brand New - "Deja Entendu"
2005 Kiss Me Deadly - "Misty Medley"
2006 Moptop - "Moptop"
2006 Rare Air - "Space Piper"

2007 Mooncake - "More Oxygen I said"
2007 Oi Va Voi - "Oi Va Voi"
2008 Matthew and the Arrogant Sea - "Family Family Family Meets the Magic Christian"
2008 The New Pornographers - "Myriad Harbours"
2009 Allison - "People From Outer Space"

2009 Ancient Astronauts - "We Are to Answer"
2010 Klaxons - "Surfing the Void"
2016 King Creosote - "Astronaut Meets Appleman"
2017 Hugo Kant - "Out of Time"
2022 Eric Hilton - "Lost Dialect"

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