Saturday, April 11, 2015

What’s up with Fire Hydrants and Discarded Furniture?

Couch and Fire HydrantStool

This fire hydrant is consorting with a rather nice looking sofa, complete with throw pillows. The couple was photographed at the corner of Evanston Ave N. and N. 35th St. The mixed-use building just west of 9 Million Unmarked Bills is getting demolished, which probably explains this couch deciding to leave the building and look for a better home.  (BTW, I will always call 9 Million … whatever the Triangle Tavern, which is what it was for many years before.)

Also, a stool. Nothing more to say. But let me leave you with the Carly Simon song Love Out in the Street from her Playing Possum 1975 album.
I've seen the sidewalks
And I've been aware
Of the lamps and tables and the paperback books
That you throw out there
All your artifacts
In disrepair
Make up a pile so high
Could tie up the traffic in the thoroughfare

Put your love out on the street
Put your love out on the street
Put your love out on the street
Put your love out on the street tonight

I don't mind your sinning
I'm no saint myself
And if the neighbors call you a hellcat
Then let them call me a jezebel
Cause I've come to know you
I've come to know you so well
From spying on you from my bathroom window
In this cheap hotel

So let flow the hydrants
And we'll dance in the spray
And we'll wash out our dirty laundry
In the alleyway

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