Sunday, February 9, 2014

Graffiti – Tubs Building

Tubs Faces
Tubs FacesTubs Faces
Location: NE 50th St and Roosevelt Way NE, University District

Confession: I actually went for a tan or two (really)- back in the day - in this notorious and very closed establishment TUBS (1982 – 2007). It featured hot tubs and tanning beds. It seems like for years it has been under the threat of being torn down, but still persists. The graffiti on it wasn’t quite as compelling as I was thinking it would be.

Tubs Graffiti – Miniaturized
Tubs Graffiti – MiniaturizedTubs Graffiti – Miniaturized

Left: Tubs Tower – Black and White; Right: Tubs West Wall from Across the Street
Tubs Tower – Black and WhiteTubs West Wall from Across the Street

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