Saturday, February 9, 2013

Murals - Wallingford’s Happy Home

Left: Wally the Robot. Right: Wallingford Happy House Mural.
Wally the RobotHappy House Mural
On the west wall of the building that houses Bottleworks and City Cellars on N 45th there are two murals. The first is on the part of the wall closest to N 45th St and features the Wallingford Art Walk mascot “Wally” created by Maggie Sneider and Silo Thompson. The robot shows a coffee level of half full. The project is described on the Wallyhood site.

The mural on the part of the wall farthest from the N 45th is by the artist is Carlos G. Guilar and he appears to call the mural Wallingford’s Happy Home. The mural features happy, if not slightly spooky, houses and haystacks (at least to my eyes). Four words appear and one, if I squint my eyes the right way, looks like Poulsbo. Is there an inside joke here?

Another mural we saw this same day is on the east wall of Bartell Drug Mural, Wallingford corner at the corner N 45th and Burke Ave N. This chipper mural features a view of the Seattle skyline more or less from Gas Works Park (now on the National Register of Historic Places). The remains of the coal gasification infrastructure are pictured in the left of the mural.

Left: Bartell Drug Wallingford Mural.  Right: More Happy House.
Bartell Drug Wallingford MuralMore Happy House

Sections of the Happy House Mural.
Sections of the Happy House Mural

A Photo Stitch of the Happy House Mural.A Photo Stitch of the Happy House Mural.

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