Monday, December 17, 2012

Panettone 2012

Finished Panettone, Pomegranate Seeds, and Bird

Back with this year’s installment of a day of panettone making. It took about 10 hours on the final day (preparation day), start to finish. On the previous days we were getting the sourdough starter revived and the poolish made. Each picture has the time when the picture was taken. This year we had the inquisitive little Midnight Blue Warbler (by Shane Fero) helping out the in kitchen.

Like last year (see Panettone 2011), we followed the recipe in La Cucina Italiana, a recipe from Tartine Bakery. We made many other small alterations to the recipe which can be found in full here.

12:51 - The Ingredients

14:29 – Early Kneading of the Dough

14:30 - Adding Candied Orange Peel to the Currants, Vanilla, Citron Zest Mix

14:42 - Plasticizing the Butter Before Incorporating into Dough

15:36 – Mixing the Currant Mixture into the Dough

19:34 - The Dough Has Risen

19:38 – Shaping the Dough

19:40 - Putting Dough Into Forms

19:59 – Putting On the Glaze

21:58 – The Dough in the Forms Has Risen and is Ready for Baking
22:54 – Done Baking, Cooling

The Next Day – Trying Some Panettone

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