Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etta James and Macklemore

Etta James - The Sweetest PeachesFlo Rida - Good Feeling

Requiescat in pace, Etta James (1938 - 2012). Listening to The Sweetest Peaches - The Chess Years Part One, the 1961 single Something’s Got a Hold On Me came on and we had a whoa! moment. Is that the same opening hook used on Flo Rida’s track Good Feeling (2021)? Yes it is. We knew that opening riff was classy when we heard it in spin class at LA Fitness in Ballard.

Speaking of reuse, in the same spin class we first heard the Macklemore track And We Danced (video). We may be the only people in the world who will acknowledge this, but is that song not a bit of an homage to Disco Tex & The Sex-o-Lettes and the songs I Wanna Dance Wit’ Choo (video) or Get Dancin’ (video)?

Disco Tex: “My chiffon is wet, darling, my chiffon is wet. My wig is wet, I am tired. I can tell you I am lost in all this, I'm overwhelmed, my darling.”

Macklemore: “I will not, I will not give a damn who watches me. I will live, I will live liberate the fox in me. I will be the disco ball, freak and give my all. To whatever girl's booty I'm freaking on.”

You be the judge.

Disco Tex & The Sex-o-LettesMacklemore

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