Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kähler and Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’

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Kähler and Miscanthus sinensis

 In today’s pots and plants series, Kähler meets Miscanthus sinensis ‘Variegata’. This Kähler vase we picked up a while back not knowing much about it, but the stylized leaves and glossy finish were, and still are, very appealing. For more on the history of Kähler, see this post: Kähler and Colchicum. The bottom is incised HAK and Danmark.

The zebra grass, Miscanthus sinensis ‘Variegata’ is been a favorite in the yard for years. Unfortunately, its position isn’t the greatest - north side of the house with limited sun - so it struggles a bit. Miscanthus is from the Greek mischos (“stalk”) and anthos (“flower”) referring to the spikelets [from]. The genus name refers to the fact that this grass is native to eastern Asia; sinesis is Latin for “of or from China”. The cultivar ‘Zebrinus’ refers to the conspicuous yellow spots on the leaves and stalks reminiscent of a zebra. An Asian grass with an African twist meets a Danish pot?

Kähler MarkingKähler and Miscanthus sinensis

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