Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Name in North Yorkshire

The Lion Inn – Lion
The Lion Inn
As we were getting ready to leave the Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge in the North York Moors, I saw this poster in the hallway called A Name in North Yorkshire: Theakston. The poster discusses the origins of the name Theakston. But what caught my eye was the general information on the poster about Yorkshire names:

“Place names provide many clues to the origins of people in Yorkshire. BRITISH or CELTIC names have been changed or added to by ROMANS, ANGLES and SAXONS, DANES, VIKINGS and NORMANS.

These survive for rivers, SWALE or SUELA meaning ‘rushing’ and for the hills, -PEN.

References to Roman occupation are found in names ending in –CASTER (e.g. TADCASTER) or –CESTER.

ING is ‘INGAS’ abbreviated, meaning tribe or group. Usually pre-fixed by a leader’s name. Endings of –TON, -HAM, -LEY are very common.

Spread north with the expansion of the Danelaw. Endings –KIRK (Oswaldkirk), -BY (Whitby), -THORPE, -TOFT, -GATE.”

A Name in North Yorkshire Informative Poster

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