Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brachyscome ‘New Amethyst’

Brachyscome Flower

The genus Brachyscome or Brachycome (without the “s”) is part of the Asteraceae family and includes mostly annual and perennial herbs native of Australasia. The genus name derives from the Greek brachys for “short” and kome for “hair” referring to the short bristles of the pappus or down of the seed. You might see the name Australian Daisy on the tag of Brachyscome hybrids in your local garden shop. The picture above is of the hybrid ‘New Amethyst’ – purchased recently. Last year we tried the hybrid ‘Blue Zephyr’ which proved to be a great deck plant for the Seattle summer. We over-wintered ‘Blue Zephyr’ in the ground and it is just starting to get new shoots.

Brachyscome 'New Amethyst' Potted

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