Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Mosaic and Marble Floors of Ostia Antica

We spent two days at Ostia Antica and in this post we’ll show a couple of the mosaic and marble floors we photographed. With links in the caption of the images you can go to the site and go into research about what the buildings were like that housed these floors. In general, we are adopting the naming for regio, insula, and room as given on the site. In this entry we are just showing the wonder of the floors. For more details on our trip to Ostia see this entry.

Terme del Foro - Deteriorating Floor

Piazzale delle Corporazioni - Stadio 54 and 55

Terme dei Sette Sapienti Tepidarium 21 and Round Room 7 


Domus del Protiro - Different Patterned Floors, Marble and Mosaic  




  1. Really nice images. What camera did you use?

  2. Canon 7D with various lenses. Thanks.

  3. Some great photos there. I've just returned home from a 5 week trip to Europe, which included 4 days in Rome. I only had time for one day in Ostia and that was cut short a few hours by heavy rain. Still, I got to see and photograph a lot of the amazing mosaics. Sadly a lot of them appear neglected and were heavily covered in mud or leaves. Seems like nobody there cares to keep them clean and they're only interested in collecting your entrance fees. It's just an amazing place to visit and is just as good if not better than Pompeii.

  4. I agree. We were amazed by Ostia and would love to go back under sunny skies. It was magical just walking around.

  5. Whenever people look at the building made of stones and have marble work, it immediately take them in the past moments when people use to live in caves or stone houses. The pictures shared by you are exceptionally awesome and I really like it. I am inspired from your post and you have done great job. marble cleaning redondo beach


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