Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spin Etiquette

We have gone to the morning spin class at LA Fitness in Ballard for about a one year and a half now. Here are some rules which would be nice if fellow spinners and those who use the spin room followed:

1. Don’t drag a bike to some corner and then leave it there. It’s interpreted as out of order and generally causes confusion. This most often happens when someone comes in when the class is not in progress (most of the day) and drags a bike to look out a window, for example, out of the normal “formation” and never puts it back.

2. Don’t leave a dirty towel or any towel on the bike unless you intend to indicate you are reserving the bike for an upcoming class. Again, this usually happens when people during non-class hours get lazy and leave a towel on the bike which is later interpreted as “reserved” by people arriving for the next class.

3. Don’t aim the fan toward the two bikes at the side of the room; it's intended to cool the other 25+ riders. (The room is set up so that two bikes are off to the instructor’s left.)

4. If you are leaving early don’t sit in the front row. It’s annoying and disruptive.

5. Don’t be possessive about bikes. People become so fixated on getting their favorite bike or position that behavior begins to get strange. Be adventurous and try different bikes and positions in the room.

6. Don’t talk at length while the spin class is in progress. A couple of words or sentences, fine. Extended conversations, no.

7. Check your biking shorts for holes and rips. It’s not all that interesting to be behind some unintended skin exposure, especially during the hovers.

8. If you ate a whole bunch of garlic the night before, chances are the class hasn’t and will be suffering.

9. Smile more.

Happy spinning ;-)

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