Saturday, May 22, 2010

Music: Radical Faces and Boozoo Bajou

Radical Face - Ghost Boozoo Bajaou - Grains
It’s been a while since Travelmarx made some music recommendations… and there has been no shortage of interesting music to talk about. The primary new music source for us is the Pandora service through the Sonos system. Our two most played releases of the moment are the Radical Face’s Ghost and Boozoo Bajou’s Grains.

Radical Face is a one man show, Ben Cooper and Ghost (2007) is a concept album about houses retaining memories. Consistent with this theme the album presents a dreamy, slightly haunting (in a good way), and warm sound with what seems like little or no electronic instrumentation. I can listen to the second track Welcome Home (video) over and over.

The second release we are playing over and over at Travelmarx is Boozoo Bajou’s Grains (2009). This is a release from a “downbeat duo” from Germany who draw inspiration from reggae, Cajun music, jazz, and pop to name a few genres. In fact, I’m guessing that their name is a tip of the hat to Boozoo Chavis (1930 – 2001), a zydeco musician? Grains like Ghost, is dreamy and slightly haunting (detecting a preferred music style?), heavy on atmosphere and electronic effects. Tracks alternate between vocals and moody instrumentals.

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