Sunday, February 28, 2010

EMP: Homeworld

To beat some Saturday mid winter blues we headed to the Experience Music Project (EMP) Science Fiction (SF) Museum ( I have to say we were pleasantly surprised at the Science Fiction Museum. The SF part is very book-centric which wasn’t what we were expecting, but we appreciated it. The EMP presentation “style” - memorabilia behind glass cases – is largely how the SF part is set up as well. In particular, in the exhibit called Homeworld books have the main stage. You literally walk through and get a sense of several dozen or more key science fiction works. The works are grouped together by theme and short information plaques describe each work in a nutshell. After this, you go to the lower floor for the exhibit called Fantastic Voyages where books are less key, but still featured. After going through through these exhibits I wrote down a list of a dozen or so books that looked interesting that I’d never heard of before.

On this particular visit we also caught the fun exhibit Gelatine Lux (November 21, 2009 – April 11, 2010) featuring Italian glass artist Maria Grazia Rosin. In this exhibit, glass, sound, light, and video come together in 20 suspended sculptures reassembling marine and microscopic life.
Book Display at EMP SFItalian Movie Poster for the movie the Fantastic Journey
Gelatine Lux
Gelatine Lux

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