Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movie Weekend: Star Trek, Up, and Angels & Demons

Star Trek Movie PosterUp Movie PosterAngels and Demons Movie Poster
It was a movie weekend definitely as we dipped into popular culture and sampled a few movies. The first was Star Trek: The Future Begins. It was better than I hoped for and better than past Star Trek movies that I can recall. The relationship between Spock and Uhuru seemed a bit unnecessary but that’s quibbling. The next movie we saw was Disney / Pixar’s Up. This was definitely the best for the three and probably the one we’ll be talking about years from now. It’s cute but not cloying. The last movie we saw was the Angels & Demons. It seemed fairly true to the book if that’s what you were looking for. I read the book years ago and as I was watching the movie I was struck by the ‘orderliness’ of the plot as it unfolds a little too neatly. The shots of Rome were fun and the snippets of Italian were a relief to hear. However, if you have to see one of these three movies, go for Up.

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  1. we're seeing up to night, but saw the other 2. A&D was a let down...


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