Saturday, March 7, 2009

Emerald City Nights Event 2009

Emerald City Nights 2009
We got an email this morning mentioning a light show at the Fremont Canal Park this evening. Anything with the phrase “light show” is enough to get us interested. First, where is the Fremont Canal Park? It’s the strip of narrow land on the north side of the canal and west of the Fremont Bridge (near the dinosaur topiaries). And what’s the event? It’s the Emerald City Nights production that will use energy-efficient (LEDs) to colorize different parts of the city. Energy efficient? Really, it was. For the amount of light we saw I couldn’t believe it was ½ the wattage of a typical hair dryer (like this). About 300 feet along the canal edge was lit in a slowly moving, programmed light show. The snow coming down certainly added to the ambiance. (Enough already with this snow in Seattle.)

The light show we saw in Fremont was created by Nth Degree Creative. We spent a few minutes chatting with Jeff Silverman, the founder of Nth Degree Creative, and he gave us the low down on how it all came together. It’s obvious he has a passion for light installations/productions. This year’s production was billed as a “mini-event” – read as: the city didn’t fund it and folks did it without any sponsorship. Next year’s event is targeted to be the official inauguration of this, hopefully, annual event. Our fingers are crossed.
Emeral City Nights 2009 Emerald City Nights 2009

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  1. I used to use Nth Degree as a vendor when i worked at SuccessFactors...small world huh? now i know nobody because i do nothing but play with dogs and do yoga. my life is so damien rice song.


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