Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Museum of Flight

Great Gallery - Museum of Flight Seattle
We went to the Museum of Flight last weekend and had a good time. There’s a lot to see and even if you have just a passing interest in space and aviation there will be something to keep you interested. We spent two hours and really didn’t get past seeing the Airpark and the Great Gallery. The Airpark has aircraft that you can go into including a Concorde and a former Air Force One plane. The Concorde could fly between Paris and New York in ½ the time of a normal flight. In certain transatlantic flights leaving from Paris or Heathrow it would be possible to leave after sunset, catch up with the sun, land in daylight and experience sunset again! The Air Force One at the Airpark was in the presidential fleet from 1959 to 1996.

After the Airpark visit we spent the rest of the time in the Great Gallery wandering around. We tried one of the two simulators (the easier one). One of the sexiest airplanes (did I just say that??) is the Blackbird – cruising at 85,000 feet and at speeds of more than Mach 3.

It’s definitely worth a visit back to catch the rest of the exhibits. The Museum of Flight is located several miles south of downtown Seattle here.
Presidential State Room on Former Air Force One
Aerial View of Airpark of Musume of Flight - Seattle

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