Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chief (Noah) Seattle

Chief Seattle Grave - Suquamish
On a recent Sunday, some friends took pity on the boat-less Travelmarx and took us across the Puget Sound (start point: Shilshole) for brunch in Suquamish on the Kitsap Peninsula just north of Bainbridge Island. We ate at the delicious Agate Pass Café. Afterwards, we took the short walk up the hill to Chief Seattle’s tombstone. Chief Seattle (also spelled Sealth, See-alth, and Seathl) (c. 1780 – 1866) is famous as an important Northwest leader and namesake of Seattle. The chief’s baptismal name was Noah.

Suquamish, which means “place of clear salt water” in Chief Seattle’s Lushootsee language, is located in the Port Madison Indian Reservation, home to the Suquamish tribe.
Chief Seattle - Suquamsh


  1. wow. a hole city named after you... i should be so popular...

    it must be difficile being you traveling everywhere at the drop of a hat. life is so difficile pour vous....

  2. hmmm... something is very different here. i can't put my finger on it... new look? ;)

    hey were's the chuck flag? i spend plenty of chuck bucks living here, the least blogger could do is display the damn flag as a visitor. geesh... i guess you don't have enough chucks visiting Travelmarx. what a shame.