Friday, March 6, 2009

Neil Halstead @ Triple Door

Sleeping on Roads Oh Mighty Engine

Last minute we decided to see Neil Halstead at the Triple Door. We are glad we did because it was a great show. About a third of the show was Halstead performing songs solo on guitar and the remainder of the show he was accompanied by a bassist and another guitarist. The show set came mostly from Halstead’s two solo albums Sleeping on Roads and Oh! Mighty Engine, but there was at least one Mojave 3 song and one Slowdive song that I could pick up on.

Opening the show was Weinland, a band from Portland, that we’d never heard before and were impressed by. Great songwriting and sound. We purchased two CDs. (Sorry Neil, we already have your CDs.) The best part of the evening: we walked out with our hearing intact.

La Lamentor - Weinland Demersville - John Weinland

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  1. what is neil halsted music similar to?