Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bus Stop Biosphere

The photos in the post are objects I’ve seen going back and forth to the bus stop in the last few months. The bus stop means work; my mind wanders to anything but work as I walk. In particular, when I walk in the city I instinctively look for nature amidst the paved spaces. And, I find it.

Bus Stop Biosphere II >

Found 1: One morning as I was running to catch the bus (and, I always seem to be running in the morning), I saw this dead bird - a female house sparrow (Passer domesticus) I believe. Then again it could be a female house finch (Carpodacus mexicanus). I didn’t think to take the critical measurements: wing chord, tarsus, or culmen.
Dead Female Sparrow

Found 2: On the way from the bus stop on a Saturday (unusual because I rarely take the bus on Saturdays), I found another dead bird, this time I think a male house finch judging by it’s rosy breast. Did I take those critical measurements? No, but I composed a small Still Life with a rotting pear from our tree, and some flowers (clover and poppy growing on the side of the neighbor’s garage.
Dead House Finch

Found 3: Near a bus stop for the 5 bus, there is a patch of burdock (Arctium minus) where I like to watch the bees collecting pollen.
Arctium minus

Found 4: Leaving the house for work one morning, I popped out on to our deck and saw this Brachyscome flower (one we’ve had for a few years now) and it’s variegated petals.
Brachyscome Flower Variegated

Found 5: Just a minute away from my high rise dungeon (the office), I spotted this dragonfly, motionless, but alive on the sidewalk.

Found 6: Just out of our back door I composed this arrangement of a rock, robin’s shell, and borage flower and leaves. And, then off to work.
Rock, robin’s shell, and borage flower and leaves

Found 7: Near a bus stop for the 5 bus also grows some Asteraceae flowers. Daisy or aster? Next time I need to examine the involucral bracts to help decide.
Asteraceae flowers

Found 8: A rock rose (family Cistaceae) grows on a sloping hillside near the bus stop.
White rock rose

Found 9: Rumex plans from the Polygonaceae family grows here and there on a median strip near the bus stop. Is it dock or sorrel I wonder as the bus approaches.

Walking in the back gate from a long day at work, I saw this banana slug (Ariolimax) without a care in the world. To be or not to be a banana slug?
Banana Slug

A bit of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in the median strip: city hay?
alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

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