Monday, October 6, 2008

Blind vs. Hidden Driveway

Driving around residential Connecticut we saw a lot of blind and hidden driveway warning signs. (Are all driveways in Connecticut visually impaired or sneaky?) After a while we started to wonder what the difference is between a blind driveway and hidden driveway road sign. Our guess is that to the driver on a road, a driveway can be hidden. To the driver in a driveway (leaving presumably) he/she is blind to what’s coming on the road. In general, we just interpret both as BE CAREFUL.

I never did find the answer, but I did find some fun sites where you can learn more about traffic signs then you might want to:, (our tax dollars explaining signs to us), and (the photos above are from this site).

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  1. Both signs are notices of a dangerous condition on the roadway. In my opinion if you have a related crash, sue everyone. The property owner with the driveway has no legal right to maintain a dangerous condition on public property. The road authority has every responsibility to identify and eliminate dangerous conditions. In three states so far, the state supreme courts have found against the property owner. If you are an owner, hire a good engineer and get it fixed so you don't need the sign.


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