Binomen Art

The binomial naming system is a formal, internationally agreed upon set of rules for naming species of organisms, i.e., plants and animals, both living and extinct. An organism name is comprised of two parts: a generic name representing a genus and specific name that uniquely represents the species within the genus. The binomial name is an essential part of Linnaean taxonomy, a rank-based classification system that groups organisms based on shared characteristics. There are taxonomic alternatives, however, Linnaean taxonomy remains extremely useful and has widespread acceptance.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated with plants. I would pick up nuts, twigs, leaves - you name it - and arrange them on the ground or in my bedroom. As an adult, I became interested in the scientific and common names of plants, as well as their etymologies. Binomen art represents a blending of childhood and adulthood interests. These temporary designs are my way of honoring a plant, its uses, and its place in the world. The first binomen art design was in 2011 in the Galápagos Islands, where I was so taken with mangrove trees.

I find inspiration for binomen art designs everywhere because plants are everywhere. Some of the designs are created at home, in the kitchen or backyard, while others are created in-situ, where the plant is growing.

Binomen Art - Mangrove

Binomen Art - Sporobolus virginicus

Binomen Art - Crassula ovata

Binomen Art - Scaevola plumieri

Binomen Art - Scalesia

Binomen Art - Trachycarpus fortunei

Binomen Art - Pieris japonica

Binomen Art - Camellia

Binomen Art - Carica payapa

Binomen Art - Azara microphylla

Binomen Art - Cycas revoluta

Binomen Art - Fouquieria splendens

Binomen Art - Rosmarinus

Binomen Art - Tillandsia usneoides
Binomen Art - Tillandsia usneoides

Binomen Art - Cherimoya (Annona)

Binomen Art - Helleborus

Binomen Art - Cornus omeiense

Binomen Art - Yucca

Binomen Art - Cocos

Binomen Art - Punica (Pomegranate)

Binomen Art - Vitis (Grape)

Binomen Art - Dactylopius

Binomen Art - Opuntia

Binomen Art - Lantana

Binomen Art - Mangifera

Binomen Art – Actinidia deliciosa (Kiwifruit)

Binomen Art – Pinus (Pine)

Binomen Art – Larix (Larch)

Binomen Art - Brassica

Binomen Art - Ficus

Binomen Art - Phoenix

Binomen Art – Citrus

Binomen Art – Helictotrichon

Binomen Art – Acer

Binomen Art – Vaccinium

Binomen Art – Ficus carica

Binomen Art – Salsola soda

Binomen Art – Posidonia oceanica

Binomen Art – Sorbus domestica

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